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Wall Street Funds the Dakota Access Pipeline

Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and other Wall Street banks are helping finance the Dakota Access Pipeline, which will endanger the water supply to Native American reservations and destroy sacred Indigenous lands.

  • Check out the power map on LittleSis.org that shows how banks are profiting off the pipeline. 
  • Take action against Wells Fargo by passing the #ForgoWells Resolution in your city.
  • Visit NoDAPLSolidarity.org to support the Indigenous led movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.


#NoDAPL Bank Divestment Toolkits

Even if you are a thousand miles away from Standing Rock, you can join the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline by organizing to get your city (or state, county, school district, university, etc.) to stop doing business with the big Wall Street banks that are helping finance the project. Join cities like Seattle and Oakland that are pulling their money out of DAPL profiteers like Wells Fargo. The toolkits below can help you get started.

Wells Fargo City Divestment Toolkit

JPMorgan Chase City Divestment Toolkit

Bank of America City Divestment Toolkit


Leaflets & Fact Sheets

Boycott Wells Fargo leaflet

Boycott Bank of America leaflet

Boycott PNC leaflet

Boycott US Bank leaflet

Citigroup Fact Sheet


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