Our Vision

At ACRE, we approach all of our work through an explicit racial lens. We believe that race and class are intrinsically linked and that we cannot achieve economic or environmental justice until we confront structural racism. 

Wall Street and big corporations use structural racism, targeting Black and Latino communities in particular, to pit us against each other while they destroy our livelihoods. Politicians whose policies seek to erode democracy and progress are bankrolled by these same corporations. We must take our demands directly to the financial and political profiteers who benefit from the crises they are creating in our communities. We dedicate ourselves to doing just that every day.


The Action Center on Race & the Economy (ACRE) is a 501(c)(4) organization formed in 2017 that drives political and policy campaigns that fight for structural change. We directly take on the financial institutions and anti-democratic actors that are responsible for pillaging communities of color and poor families, subverting voting rights, and destroying our environment. 

We support racial, economic, and environmental justice organizations with strategic planning and advocacy coordination on political campaigns. We also lead campaigns to spotlight the political influence that corporate and financial profiteers wield as they erode the basic racial and economic rights of communities of color.

ACRE’s 501(c)(3) sister organization is ACRE Institute, which you can learn more about on the ACRE Institute website.