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In These Times

Supporting Palestinian Rights Used To Be Considered Far Left. Now It’s Mainstream.

Sandra Tamari and Saqib Bhatti

Feb 2024

It’s clear that the Democratic base has moved on supporting Palestinian rights. Leadership needs to catch up. Read the full op-ed here. For 75 years, advocates fighting for justice and dignity for Palestinians were relegated to a position on the lonely fringe

”Zionist’ cannot be separated from the political ideology of ‘Zionism,’ and both terms are explicitly unique and different from Jewish and/or Israeli identities.’ Read the full article here. As Israel’s onslaught of Gaza continues, a coalition of 73 international organisations

With only days remaining in Chicago’s expiring ShotSpotter contract, community activists, elected officials and Chicago residents gathered Thursday to express their confidence and concerns with the controversial technology. Read the full article here.  The Community Commission for Public Safety and

Common Dreams/Truth Out

80+ Groups Descend on DC Demanding Gaza Cease-Fire, Migrant Rights

Brett Wilkins

Dec 2023

“We stand together… to say no to more weapons for Israel’s genocide in Gaza, no more money to imprison children and families seeking safety at our border, no more money to destroy lives,” said one protest leader. Read the full

The police arrested about 60 people who staged a protest in the Capitol Rotunda on Tuesday to demand a cease-fire in Gaza and oppose a bill under consideration in Congress that would send billions of dollars in aid to Israel

Pro-ceasefire demonstrations in Washington on Monday included 18 Jewish elders arrested at the White House gate and around 40 activists arrested at the Senate. Read the full article here. On a cold December day, 11  December, nearly 20 Jewish elders

Nonprofit Quarterly

Progressive Organizations Must Speak Up about Palestine

Saqib Bhatti and Anna Lefer Kuhn

Dec 2023

During the last week of November, the world watched as a temporary truce took hold in Gaza, briefly pausing Israel’s bombing campaign which has killed over 14,000 people. As a Muslim executive director of a national racial justice organization

Unless Biden drastically reverses course on Palestine, Muslims will not turn out for him on Election Day—critical voters in key swing states—and Democrats only have themselves to blame. Read the full Op-Ed here. During the 2008 elections, I was in

Inform Your Resistance Podcast

Racial Capitalism with Saqib Bhatti

Political Research Associates

Sep 2023

Listen to Season 1: Episode 2 of Political Research Associates’ Inform Your Resistance Podcast with ACRE Co-ED Saqib Bhatti. Click here to listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or iHeartRadio.

Real News Network

To end racism, we need to rebuild the economy

Rithika Ramamurthy

Sep 2023

“Corporations and politicians, they know they’ll face less resistance if they target harm to fall predominantly on communities of color, particularly Black, Indigenous, immigrant folks.” Read the transcript of Bree and Saqib’s interview with Nonprofit Quarterly here. The following