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Nonprofit Quarterly

Why Race Is the “Secret Sauce” of Modern Capitalism

Bree Carlson

Jul 2023

Bree Carlson: I think we spend a fair amount of time nuancing whether or not what we have in the county now is capitalism as it’s supposed to be. Well, no. It’s never actually been—our capitalism, our democracy, none of

Nonprofit Quarterly

To Challenge Corporate Power, Look Up the Money Tree

Saqib Bhatti

Jul 2023

Saqib Bhatti: I think that what we really need is a massive redistribution of power and wealth in this country. And I think one of the key challenges we have is when we try to focus purely on legislative answers,

As Mayor Brandon Johnson looks for new revenue, an income tax may be one of the city’s only progressive options. It comes with risks. Read the full article here. Mayor Brandon Johnson’s transition report published last week is full of

Minorities who as a whole will soon be nationally impacted by the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down affirmative action in college admissions argue that legacy admissions will lead to an even wider gap between the privileged and everyone else.

Crain's Chicago Business

Can progressive tax proposals for Chicago pass muster?

Judith Crown

Jun 2023

A bill pending in the Philadelphia City Council would levy a tax on stock and bond holdings, raising most of the money from the wealthiest city residents and generating estimated revenue of $200 million a year. Read the full article

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Philly’s wage and business taxes will be cut amid a big cash surplus for the city

Sean Collins Walsh and Anna Orso

Jun 2023

Philadelphia City Council members gave initial approval Thursday to a more than $6.2 billion budget deal in which lawmakers approved tax cuts for businesses and workers amid an unusual cash surplus. Read the full article here. City coffers are flush

Read the full article here. The fact that another financial crisis has hit so soon after 2008 should give us all pause. Today’s crisis is allowing banks that are already “too big to fail” to grow even larger. This week,

Report co-author Saqib Bhatti said Chicago can no longer be “held hostage” by businesses that “want to be showered with tax breaks” and “threaten to leave when asked to pay” more. Read the full story here. A new report outlines

Crain's Chicago Business

City Council reacts to progressive groups’ $12 billion financial proposal

Justin Laurence

May 2023

Read the full story here. A proposal to raise billions of dollars by taxing businesses and higher-income Chicago residents, released just three days into Mayor Brandon Johnson’s new term, spotlights what’s expected to be a tension point for the new

Read the full story here. Activists in Chicago are seeking to build a better city by proposing a plan they say would generate $12 billion in new taxes and savings after slashing the police budget for investment in black and