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May 19, 2021

BlackRock’s Governance Mess

As Blackrock Rushes to Cut Climate Risk, Lead Director Murry Gerber Doubles Down on Fossil Fuels

May 09, 2021

A Revenue Generation Playbook

How to Fully Fund Our Communities Communities across the country are organizing to redirect resources toward meeting community needs and achieving genuine and lasting safety for all of us. Many are targeting police, prosecutor, jail and prison budgets that are

May 03, 2021

Breaking Up With Bad Banks

There has been growing recognition over the last decade of the destructive role that big banks have played in our society, harming our communities and our planet. There is wider awareness now of the ways that big banks worsened racial economic inequality, by both redlining certain neighborhoods, preventing families of color from buying homes, and also targeting those same neighborhoods for high-cost predatory loans that stripped homeowners of their wealth.

April 19, 2021

21st Century Policing

21ST CENTURY POLICING: The Rise and Reach of Surveillance Technology Sitting at the intersection of criminalization and capitalism, the use of emerging surveillance technology has become increasingly popular among police departments in the United States over the last few decades.

October 12, 2020

Fueling the Fire

Fueling the Fire: Why any fossil fuel industry bailout will be disastrous for communities of color | OCT 2020

September 30, 2020

Cancel Wall Street

How Our State and Local Governments Can Save More Than $160 Billion a Year by Cutting Interest Payments to Investors | by Saqib Bhatti and Brittany Alston | SEP 2020

August 18, 2020


How Big Pharma's Racist Price Gouging Kills Black and Brown Folks | August 2020 | Report by Sharon Post and Maurice BP-Weeks

June 24, 2020

Police Brutality Bonds

How Wall Street Profits from Police Violence June 2018 | Report by Alyxandra Goodwin, Whitney Shepard, and Carrie Sloan Local Case Studies: Chicago Cleveland Lake County, Indiana Los Angeles Milwaukee

May 19, 2020

Make Them Pay

Corporate Landlords Should Cancel Rent, Mortgages, and Utilities for the Duration of the COVID-19 Pandemic

April 16, 2020


The Corporations Backing a Lobbying Campaign Against the Use of the Defense Production Act