Policing and incarceration are the muscles of financialization, using violence and the criminalization of marginalized communities – especially Black, Brown, and Indigenous – to sustain racialized capitalism and reinforce its structure. This structure keeps wealth in the hands of a small group by making debt and poverty criminal offenses. Cities have become less able to provide quality public goods (such as education, water and energy, and transportation) due in part to Wall Street and corporations taking advantage of municipalities through tax loopholes and predatory finance deals. As a result, there is less public money for residents, and a disproportionate percentage of municipal budgets are spent on policing. ACRE’s vision is a world without policing, incarceration and surveillance. No corporation should have the ability to profit from these industries, and they should not be monetized for municipalities. True public safety should be reparative, rehabilitative and transformative and the systems governing it should be democratically accountable and controlled by communities.

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