Fossil fuel corporations have been targeting extractive, toxic projects and pipelines in Black, brown, and Indigenous communities for generations. These same corporations are also responsible for driving our climate crisis, which is being felt first and worst in low-income communities and communities of color across the globe. Wall Street banks, asset managers and other financial institutions have been fueling the industry’s environmental racism and climate destruction, pumping billions of dollars into the sector every year. To stop the harm that fossil fuel and Wall Street corporations are wreaking in our communities and build towards a future where all communities live in a healthy neighborhood, we end all public and private financing for this destructive industry. Frontline communities of color must have complete self-determination in the transformation of our economic system from an extractive, exploitative one to a regenerative, sustainable one where everyone can enjoy healthy, safe, and thriving lives. The fossil fuel industry and the financial actors behind this extractive industry must also pay for the harm they have inflicted upon Black, brown, and Indigenous communities and our planet.

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