Decades of privatization has caused housing inequity to be one of the biggest issues facing communities today. Housing in the United States has always been deeply gendered and racialized, with women and people of color long denied access to quality housing. While owning land and housing has always been used as a tool to accumulate wealth and political power, in the hands of white men. As people struggle to cover ever increasing housing costs, corporate landlords have amassed huge real estate investment portfolios and fought efforts to make housing accessible. Deeply engrained in the narrative of the American dream is the aspiration to home ownership, creating a competition for housing and commoditizing real estate. Racism is deep in the roots of housing policy, including redlining, discrimination in home loans and public housing programs. Even development and land ownership itself began as a violent mechanism for the genocide of indigenous peoples. ACRE believes that housing is a human right. We envision a U.S. where land and housing are publicly owned and used for the overall public good to ensure that every person is guaranteed a home.

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