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Wall Street Devastated America. One City Is Pushing Back.

Matthew Cunningham-Cook

Feb 2022

A new lawsuit challenges an interest-rate scheme that critics say helped Wall Street loot communities across America. Read the full story here. ith its subtropical climate and proximity to Disney World, Orlando, Florida has become one of America’s fastest growing


When Private Equity Becomes Your Landlord

Heather Vogell

Feb 2022

Amid a national housing crisis, giant private equity firms have been buying up apartment buildings en masse to squeeze them for profit, with the help of government-backed Freddie Mac. Meanwhile, tenants say they’re the ones paying the price. Daniel Cooper


Biden moves to remake the Fed

Victoria Guida

Jan 2022

Biden on Friday tapped two Black economists — Lisa Cook and Philip Jefferson — for open seats on the board. Read the full story here. President Joe Biden’s latest nominations to the Federal Reserve Board mark a major victory for

Bitcoin and similar blockchain-based currencies require huge amounts of power, predominantly generated from fossil fuels Read the full story here. The incoming mayor of New York City thinks cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are the future. Eric Adams has advocated to


It’s time to imagine a world without Facebook

Christianna Silva

Nov 2021

People are considering logging off for good. Should they? Read the full story here. In early October, Facebook shut down for six hours. No one in the world could access the site, or any of the sites they owned,

Ms. Magazine

We Need More Women in Leadership at the Fed: Personnel Is Policy

Vasudha Desikan and Solana Rice

Oct 2021

The white male status quo leadership at the Federal Reserve—the U.S.’s central bank—is clearly not working. It’s time for women to be at the helm of Fed leadership. Read the full story here. Senior officials at the Federal Reserve, our nation’s

Formed by Jack Poulson and other Silicon Valley dissidents, Tech Inquiry uncovers the tech industry’s role in weaponry and surveillance. Read the full story here. Jack Poulson has developed an encyclopedic knowledge of how tech companies are evolving into military

An email blast from environmental justice advocates reportedly disrupted emails between White House officials for two days in August.  Read the full story here. Politico reported on Tuesday that the blast from advocates resulted in more than 5,600 messages that

Grassroots activists disrupted the Biden administration’s communications with a massive email blast in August in a symbol of what some see as a deteriorating relationship. Read the full story here. Members of the environmental justice movement sent an email blast

Teen Vogue

What Is the Federal Reserve and Why Does It Matter?

Vasudha Desikan and Tracey Lewis

Sep 2021

This op-ed argues that the Fed could be turned into an institutional force for economic progress. Read the full story here. Imagine if your city could buy up vacant houses and rent them to community members at a reasonable price.