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An email blast from environmental justice advocates reportedly disrupted emails between White House officials for two days in August.  Read the full story here. Politico reported on Tuesday that the blast from advocates resulted in more than 5,600 messages that

Grassroots activists disrupted the Biden administration’s communications with a massive email blast in August in a symbol of what some see as a deteriorating relationship. Read the full story here. Members of the environmental justice movement sent an email blast

Teen Vogue

What Is the Federal Reserve and Why Does It Matter?

Vasudha Desikan and Tracey Lewis

Sep 2021

This op-ed argues that the Fed could be turned into an institutional force for economic progress. Read the full story here. Imagine if your city could buy up vacant houses and rent them to community members at a reasonable price.

A team of researchers have published a new report detailing how Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter have profited from the global campaign of violence. Read the full story here. On Thursday, researchers from advocacy and research groups Little Sis,

The city quietly renewed its multi-million dollar contract with ShotSpotter. But a growing body of evidence suggests the technology is ineffective and activists say it leads to deadly over-policing. Read the full story here. On a humid afternoon in late

Grassroots groups are imploring federal officials to make sure local governments get relief to those most in need, rather than banks.  Read the full story here. Dozens of community organizations from across the U.S. want Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to issue rules

The American Prospect

Cities Want to Use Federal Rescue Funds to Pay Off Bank Debt

David Dayen

Aug 2021

Activists and local progressive officials don’t want to let them. Read the full story here. When Joe Biden signed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) in March, he framed it as an effort to “giv[e] people in this

The open letter uses Amazon as a case study to argue that corporate surveillance technologies cause immense harm and fall under the FTC’s authority to ban. Read the full story here. On Thursday, a coalition of 48 civil rights and


Biden’s Last-Ditch Effort to Stop Evictions Frustrates Allies

Nancy Cook and Mackenzie Hawkins

Jul 2021

White House caught off-guard by resurgence of pandemicOcasio-Cortez criticizes ‘reckless’ White House for waitingRead the full story here. The day before a moratorium on evictions is set to expire, President Joe Biden faces criticism from some of his allies

The Hill

Activists demand Chicago end ShotSpotter contract

Chris Mills Rodrigo

Jul 2021

Read the full article here. Local activists staged a protest demanding that Chicago end its police contracts with the gunshot detection company ShotSpotter. “What do we want? Death to the contract! When do we want it? Now!” dozens of protesters