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With L.A. under a stay-at-home order to prevent more coronavirus cases, tenants are turning their personal economic situations into mass protests. Chris Tyler lost his job at a restaurant on March 15 — the same day Mayor Eric Garcetti banned

Activists and some members of Congress are calling for rent to be canceled, as the coronavirus pandemic wreaks economic havoc. Kansas City, Missouri, resident Tiana Caldwell is on a rent strike out of necessity. An ovarian cancer survivor with congestive

En campañas coordinadas en todo el país, inquilinos exigen este 1 de mayo la suspensión del alquiler, los desalojos y las hipotecas, al verse imposibilitados para pagarlas. Desde Nueva York hasta San Francisco, inquilinos en todo el país se manifiestan

In what is likely the largest coordinated rent strike in the U.S. in recent history, people affected by the coronavirus shutdowns are telling their landlords not that they’ll pay rent later, but that they won’t pay at all. More than

The American Prospect

Unsanitized: May Day Brings Rent Strikes, Worker Walkouts

David Dayen

May 2020

Also, the Fed throws the oil industry a lifeline. This is The COVID-19 Daily Report for May 1, 2020. There’s a new militancy in America, born out of desperation. First Response It’s the first of the month again, and for

The New York Times

#CancelRent Is New Rallying Cry for Tenants. Landlords Are Alarmed.

Matthew Haag and Conor Dougherty

May 2020

From New York to Los Angeles, tenant groups are encouraging millions of renters to withhold May rent, which landlords warn would be devastating. A banner in Brooklyn promoting a rent strike on May 1. Credit…Stephen Speranza for The New York

We need a national reckoning, and that includes local, state, and federal cancellation of rent and mortgages.​​​​​​​ MAURICE BP-WEEKS MAY 1, 2020 12:00PM ET Another month of rent is due—yet nothing has changed to support those who, thanks to COVID-19, have no

Graffiti painted on a wall at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California, on April 10, 2020. Julie Jammot/AFP via Getty Images “Before the COVID-19 virus, 70% of our income went toward rent,” said Vanessa Bulnes, 61, her voice crackling over a

Detroit — Today, ahead of the sixth Democratic debate, 21 candidates for statewide and local office endorsed the Homes Guarantee plan that supporters say would guarantee safe, accessible, and sustainable homes for all. The Homes Guarantee was released in

Non-Profit Quarterly

Foundations Seek to Rein in Silicon Valley

Steve Dubb

Dec 2019

December 10, 2019; New York Times AppleGoogle (Alphabet), Amazon, and Facebook: Combined, these four companies have a market capitalization of over $3.5 trillion. From their economic power extends tremendous political and cultural influence. Collectively, these companies