A Philly that Works for Everyone - Action Center on Race and the Economy

A Philly that Works for Everyone:

The Wealth to Fund Our City Exists

When we don’t tax the rich, our communities are forced to foot the bill, widening the racial pay gap and hurting Black and Brown Philadelphians the most.

Philadelphians have known for decades that the recipe for a safe and thriving city requires strong investments in education, fully staffed city services, and programs that keep us safe, like mobile crisis units and robust libraries and recreation centers. Philadelphia is known for being ‘America’s poorest big city,’ but with luxury buildings going up across the city and mega-corporations getting millions of dollars in tax giveaways, the truth has never been more clear: the wealth to fund our city exists. Mega-corporations, like Comcast and Independence Blue Cross, use front groups like the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia to campaign against solutions that would hold them accountable for the harms they create in our community. 

We—community college workers, city workers, domestic workers, social workers and all of us who rely on vital city services—are the people who make Philly work, and we know that our city needs more.

We need our elected officials to choose a side:

will they stand with Big Business, the wealthy, and the Chamber of Commerce

or will they invest in our demands for the common good of all Philadelphians?