Take on Wall Street - Action Center on Race and the Economy

Take on Wall Street

As part of the Take on Wall Street coalition, this curriculum is a dive into the history of economic inequality, the expansion of the finance industry and corporate influence over various points of our lives, and activities to help us think deeper and practice centering race in our campaigns for economic justice. 

The TOWS training was developed in collaboration with the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, Americans for Financial Reform, Center for Innovation in Worker Organization, Rutgers University, Center for Popular Democracy, Citizen Action of New York, Communications Workers of America, Institute for Policy Studies, LittleSis, People’s Action, Public Citizen, United for a Fair Economy, and Working Families Party.

ACRE’s is able to offer political education focused on our analysis of the finance industry and it’s extractive practices that target communities of color, along with the research and organizing necessary to identifying the right finance and corporate targets. If you’re interested in learning more about the political education we offer, want to collaborate on a training or workshop, or want to receive a training (either listed on this page or related to our analysis and specific to your needs) please contact alyxandra@acrecampaigns.org.