Crescendo is a project of ACRE, Little Sis, and MPower Change that is focused on researching and campaigning against anti-Muslim corporations. Anti-Muslim corporations are those that provide financial support to organizations, politicians, other corporations, or individuals that are engaged in attacks on Muslims, and those whose business practices are anti-Muslim (e.g., companies that discriminate against Muslim workers, profit from war in Muslim countries, profit from the incarceration and/or deportation of Muslims, and provide platforms for or promote anti-Muslim hate groups).

Bargaining for the Common Good

Local unions and community organizations are forming long-term partnerships to win structural change by using workers' contract bargaining campaigns to go on offense against the financial elite responsible for the crises in their communities.

ReFund America Project

The ReFund America Project tackles the ongoing impact that the financial crisis has had on the financial health of America’s cities and provides a dedicated campaign team to help local organizations restore the balance of economic power to Main Street.

Forgo Wells

Wells Fargo has been preying on our communities for years by engaging in discriminatory lending, profiting off private prisons, funding payday lenders, and financing oil pipelines through Indigenous lands. We are fighting back by moving our money out of Wells Fargo.


The Hedge Clippers are working to expose the mechanisms hedge funds and billionaires use to influence government and politics in order to expand their wealth, influence and power at the expense of our communities, our climate, our economy and our democracy.

Puerto Rican Debt Crisis

Puerto Rico is embroiled in a humanitarian crisis caused by its unsustainable debt load. While bankers and hedge funds try to profit off the crisis, we are working with Puerto Ricans living on the island and in the diaspora to fight back.