Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner Profits from the
Incarceration of People of Color and Immigrants

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Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has invested in multiple private equity funds that profit off the incarceration and detention of people of color and immigrants.

Rauner is invested in an Endeavour Capital fund that owns Aladdin Bail Bonds, the largest bail bond company in the US. Aladdin helps perpetuate in a system where people awaiting trial may be locked up because they are too poor to afford bail, and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying to expand for-profit bail. As of March, Rauner’s investment in the Endeavour Capital fund had generated a 50% profit.

Rauner is also invested in a GTCR Partners fund that owned Correct Care Solutions until October 2018. Correct Care provides for-profit healthcare services in jails, prisons, and immigrant detention centers and has profited as Trump has expanded immigrant detention and family separation programs. As of March, Rauner’s investment in the GTCR Partners fund had generated a 100% profit.

Call Bruce Rauner and demand he divest from Endeavour Capital!
¡Llame a Bruce Rauner y exija que se deshaga de Endeavour Capital!

Springfield Office: (217) 782-0244
Chicago Office: (312) 814-2121