Trainings Archives - Action Center on Race and the Economy
As part of the Take on Wall Street coalition, this curriculum is a dive into the history of economic inequality, the expansion of the finance industry and corporate influence over various points of our lives, and activities to help us think deeper and practice centering race in our campaigns for economic justice.

This engaging training was specifically for the National Black Workers Center Expo in Baltimore in 2019, but can be replicated for other cities. In this training, we went through a power analysis that incorporates the finance industry and questions that organizers can ask to follow the money and find the power players in their city.

Neoliberalism, Privatization, & Finance: Bringing Systems into Focus A training that breaks down the intentionally complicated worlds of neoliberalism, privatization, and finance. Using local examples, we dig into the tools that the finance industry uses to target communities of color for the privatization of public services, extract wealth and make a massive profit for themselves. We also talk about how to incorporate the finance industry and corporate players into our campaign targets.