From the 2008 foreclosure crisis through the COVID-19 pandemic, corporate landlords have seized on disasters in our communities, especially communities of color, to squeeze renters, neighborhoods, and cities for maximum profit.

Decades of privatization has caused housing inequity to be one of the biggest issues facing communities today. Housing in the United States has always been deeply gendered and racialized, with women and people of color long denied access to quality housing. As people struggle to cover ever increasing housing costs, corporate landlords’ already massive real estate investment portfolios continue to grow. 

At ACRE, we are working to build tenant power to oppose corporate landlords and the financialization of housing, which stands in the way of housing justice for all of us. We work with grassroots groups and national networks to build a world where housing is considered a public good, and isn’t treated as a commodity. We fight for a future where everyone has access to beautiful, quality, truly affordable homes.

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