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DHS Open for Business: How Tech Corporations Bring the War on Terror to Our Neighborhoods

Our report investigates how DHS funding and corporations drive demand for “homeland security,” expanding militarized policing in our communities. Through our research, we found that DHS fueled a massive influx of money into surveillance and policing in our cities, under a banner of emergency response and counterterrorism—and with the support of its corporate partners like Microsoft, LexisNexis, ShotSpotter, Palantir, and Motorola Solutions.

ShotSpotter is a profit-making scheme, not a public safety tool.

From August 8th thru August 14th, 11 cities participated in and launched a National Week of Action to #StopShotSpotter. We collected over 1,000 signatures of people around the country who support their cities canceling or rejecting a relationship with the company. Click to read more and sign the petition.